Cloud Computing in SUN and Yahoo! and a Review by Senior Analyst of West Avenue Capital Partners


Frederic Pariente
Senior Manager, ISV Engineering EMEA, Sun Microsystems

The Sun Open Cloud Platform
At Sun, we envision a world of many clouds, both public and private, that are open and compatible. We offer an extensive portfolio of products and services and are fostering open communities and partner ecosystems to make this vision a reality. It all starts with the delivery of the Sun Cloud, a public compute and storage infrastructure service, whose APIs are currently open for public review and comment. In today's talk, we will present the Sun's vision for Cloud Computing, elaborate on the Sun Cloud offerings and roadmap, and discuss the latest announcements made at the Community One West conference this month, including the Sun Cloud Partner Initiative to help software developers succeed in the fast-growing cloud computing market and deliver a robust ecosystem of tools and services for the cloud users.



Dekel Tankel
Product Management Director for the Cloud Computing division at Yahoo!

Cloud Computing at Yahoo!

Are you also asking yourselves – “What is Yahoo doing with cloud computing?... Isn’t the cloud a perfect fit for Yahoo’s proven massively scalable and global infrastructure?”
Well… Yahoo has many exciting “cloud services” offerings, join this session to find out more. Yahoo cloud-services target two seemingly competing business needs – Accelerating innovation while also increasing availability and scale. Our goal is to allow web developers to rapidly build highly-scalable, highly-available, easy-to-operate Web applications. In doing so, we don’t want to change how Web applications are architected, but rather support existing, best practices. We aim at enabling web developers to focus on their business needs and leave the build out of complex scalable middleware to Cloud Services. At this session we will describe the various cloud services offerings within Yahoo and provide a glance for the exciting plans moving forward.

Dekel Tankel is the Product Management Director for the Cloud Computing division at Yahoo-Inc. Mr. Tankel leads Yahoo's integrated cloud product definition, roadmap and strategic direction. Previously, Dekel managed the technical business development and Eco-System of GigaSpaces Technologies Cloud Computing Business Unit. This includes development of cloud offerings with Amazon EC2, RightScale, Flexiscale, GoGrid, Sun, HP and many others cloud and SaaS vendors' worldwide. Previously, Dekel managed GigaSpaces' global customer support organization. Prior, Mr. Tankel also managed an R&D team at Viola Networks, a global Voice over IP Software Company in which he lead the architectural and development of a distributed VoIP performance management system. Dekel has more than 10 years technical and business experience in the Cloud Computing, Application Server and software middleware market. Dekel holds an MBA degree in Business Management and a BA degree in Computer Science.


Dr. Robert  Cohen 
Senior Advisor, New Economic Strategies and Senior Analyst, West Avenue Capital Partners and the OGF Area Director for Enterprise Requirements.

Enterprises Moving from Grids to Clouds


For cost and efficiency reasons, many corporations are moving from Grids to Clouds. Some are relying on on-demand computing from Amazon, major telcos and SaaS providers. Others are building internal clouds to gain greater efficiency from their computing resources and still exert control over sensitive data. This talk will explore some of the approaches that financial, pharmaceutical and other firms are taking to the use of clouds. It will discuss what perils and benefits enterprises expose themselves to when they decide to evolve their grid networks into cloud computing resources.

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Dekel Tankel, YAHOO!  Dekel Tankel, YAHOO!
Bob Cohen  Bob Cohen

Date Jun 23, 2009 15:00 18:00
Location SUN Offices, Hamanofim 9, 8th Floor, Hertzelia
Organizer IGT
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